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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Malignant Cells and MIRACLE

Miracles happen in this life. I am a witness because it happened to me. Initially, I was diagnosed to be very sick with cancer, you can read more about the illness with the materials here, just click the link. After 19 days in the hospital, and 4 different opinions I was sent home as a case of no more chance for relief or treatment. I accepted my fate. My sister came with the Qur’an, you may click this link to find out more, and I was told to just read everything. I went home to the province with the family and started reading without thought of relief, but just that I will know more of God’s will and a chance to paradise in the next life. I have read many other health guides. But, I read the first chapter of 7 verses. I have read also the footnotes. It says this is the most important prayer. Without this, there is no amount of prayer acceptable to God. After repeating the 7 verses for 5 times, I have memorized the lines. Since the second chapter was very long, so I just repeated the 1st chapter over and over. That was in September of 1998, and today it is almost September again, but, 2009.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


‘There are many ways to skin a cat”, they said. But, there is always an easy way to do it. Just like seasoned writers do, they take these little strides. Here are the few initial steps that you should do to prepare yourself to write a winning peace. First, find out and understand the elements of writing. Second, understand the process of writing. Third, know what your reasons for writing are. Fourth, you should understand your audience for writing. Fifth, plan and shape your paper. If you are fully equipped, then let me lead you to the next steps on my next blog.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Essays 4 ur sweet academic win

I have been writing academic papers, like essays, term papers, case studies, thesis, dissertations, journals, and books for the last 4 years. In a short span of time, I became a premium writer. My clients rewarded me with satisfactory ratings. Surely, some made it to their academic requirements. Others satisfied their company research department's need. All of them are winners in their own special way. My friends, however, were curious of how I did it. First, I have excellent sources of academic and non-academic reference materials. Click this link, to a wonderful library materials of your choice. Otherwise, I also use these great, unmatched, and resource-full links,, and Mind you, chances are high, that you too can create a winning peace.