Education Headline Animator

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Here are some questions which you may answer at home. Be sure to do it yourself and submit your answers on time (July 23, 2010):
1. Which number has four significant figures?
a. 204.0
b. 0.204
c. 0.0020
d. 22.450
2. The size of an atom is 0.01 micrometer. Which value correctly represents it?
a. one times ten to the negative eight centimeters
b. one times ten to the eight centimeters
c. one times ten to the negative eight meter
d. one times ten to the eight meter
3. Which of the following characteristics is not a property of matter?
a. It has mass
b. It has volume
c. It has physical form
d. It has only abstract quality
4. Give the name of the element corresponding to each chemical symbol.
a. C b. Cu c. Cr d. Co
e. Cd f. Cs g. Ca e. Cl
5. Give the chemical symbol for each element.
a. Potassium b. Phosphorus c. Platinum d. Palladium
e. Polonium f. Plutonium g. Promethium h. Protactinium
i. Lead j. Antimony k. Iron l. Unniluandium
6. Give the name and chemical symbol of two man-made elements.