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Thursday, August 27, 2009


One of the best breakfast cereals that I love to eat and highly satisfied especially before going to school is ‘Muesli’ from kraeuter-kuehne. The preparation is super with fresh milk and fruit tea on the side. This is one very nutritious preparation for my brain power that I needed in school work. It was originally prepared by a Swiss phycian for his cancer patients. However, muesli became popular because of the nutritional value in it. I like the preparation that contains ‘Amaranth pop corns’. These tiny pop corns, with size and color similar to sesame seeds, actually contain higher nutrient value in comparison to all the other grains. It belongs to the grass family, closely related to rice and corn. The Lecithin content is highest in Amaranth. For this reason, I was wondering why there seems to be no large scale production of the grains rather than corns and rice.


The husband of my aunt is fifty percent Japanese by heritage. They have actually dual citizenship. Often they bring us few kilograms of rice for the relatives to relish the luscious newly harvested grains right from their farm in Japan. The grains have that identity taste that would always motivate one to have more. Children who were quite difficult to encourage eating their share of meals does not say no, even long before the rice is done. As the rice is about to be cooked, it emits an inviting aroma that neighbors would not miss telling us, we were cooking that delicious Japanese rice and maybe we can share some grains for them to gain some experience.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am already a member of Socialsparks, yehey! I have been looking around for additional sites to post for pay. It did not take me long to register and see what is in store for me. What I found and see must just be the right place for me. I was mesmerized. Here I may pick a topic to be written for a pay. I am quite keyed up for the find! The prices are just superb, although, I thought I must be there more often these next days to find out more. For now, I could additionally say this is an exceptional opportunity.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Health is only an output of what people cook in their kitchen. Perhaps, this is the reason why President Obama’s next agenda is ‘cash for the table’. One of the best strategies is those practiced by ‘theherbfarm’. The “chefs tempt fate and their patrons by relying on their own gardens for produce.” In the midst of extensive use of inorganic growing fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides, the herb farm owner had just hit the highest string of sensibility. Dining at their exquisite restaurants seems to be taking a calculated risk, for they said they had “cultivated risks”.

Monday, August 24, 2009


To be the best at the job of performing arts has become one of the toughest challenges facing artists. Building a career that is apt to the high-end taste of the 21st century patrons must be filled with glamour. However, Michael Jackson was one of the mortality in his bid to create one wonderful recital that his admirers would have forgone all the other standard offerings. Today it is confirmed that within the gentle framework of the man laid the tension and anxiety for one last performance that never came. Clearly, the human body succumbs to certain limits before a job can be exceptionally done.


Finer movies sometimes have dubious stories. But, I have watched ‘pay it forward’ and it stirred me in a way. Haley Joel Osment who played the role of Trevor is quite young, but his sense of doing favor that created a chain of responses was remarkable. Indeed there seems to be not better time to learn the finer aspects of being than junior high. The story was based on the novel of Catherine Ryan Hyde and directed by Mimi Leder. It also starred Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey, who were both academy award recipients. Do yourself a favor and pay it forward,Warner Brothers Pictures, and see for yourself a better place for mankind.


There is no project too small or too big for Michael Jackson. His songs, well performed, touch everyone from modest people to high profile celebrities. His approach balances rhythm and theme. When he decided to perform a piece, he set his goal at designing a music that would be both arresting and far better sounding than comparable songs. To laud Michael Jackson merely for accomplishing the dual goals seems just a faint praise for an exceptional artist. While many attempted to design their music for a distinctive tune, there is simply no easier way to be at par with the great performer.


It did not take me long to find a perfect spot for a perfect nightlife. I wanted a place that is a much work of art as the images of people move in and out of the setting. The subtle but, dramatic lighting was one congenial feature. The owner and manager created an ambience that seems extravagant, but, cool. They made the area as glamorous as their clients would love to be in even for sometime. Of course, it was not just the aesthetics, but, it was about the acoustics using only the topnotch audio-video equipments.


I had been writing blogs for the past weeks after having been encouraged by a friend who has been in the business for over a year now. To add to my enthusiasm, I went over my favorite sites and found that my other friends were doing the same. I also found top bloggers of the past years and tried to discover how they did it. Recently, I thought, I may as well monetize the same. So, I navigated around to see where I can write for a fee. I found many sites around to choose from. However, my friend recommended this 'blogger wave'. I thought, it was worth a try. So, I registered and applied for a slot. Fortunately, I was accepted without difficulty. You too may try my new found site.


These are only few of the recent topics I have written. I am now preparing the link to these papers for you to appreciate.
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Owning an automobile is every macho man’s dream. Most people, however, can no longer do without the commodity. They are used to the comfort of moving around in their own vehicle. Just like, way back in the early 70’s, that was the first time I rode on a mustang that my uncle drove in the big city for his family. Recently, I saw this new model that is coming out soon in the market. I told my driver that this must be an excellent car to have. My driver said, yes ma’am definitely. But, the last time we were on the road I thought I would recommend a better one for you. In case I have enough savings, I will also get one. We better buy an ‘ambulance’ because when we pass-by, everybody moves aside. We are like celebrities. LOL!


The beginnings of British Petroleum Plc dates back to 1909 when it was founded by William Knox D’Arcy after fortunately finding oil in Persia. The company was subsequently registered as Anglo-Persian Oil, a sole proprietorship. However, right before the First World War, the need for continuous supply of oil encourage the British government to invest and partially control Anglo-Persian Oil. Increased demand for the supply of oil resulted to the expansion of the company to foreign lands like Canada, South America, Africa, Papua, and some countries in Europe. Consequently, the name of the company Anglo-Persian Oil was changed to Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Unfortunately, in 1951, the Persian associate resigned its share of the company assets to the Persian national government. This drove the United Kingdom government to increase and expand its sources for additional supply from Kuwait, Libya, and Iraq, and subsequently to the United States of America, and the British North Sea under the name British Petroleum Company. The change in company name was simply the outcome of the United Kingdom government having turned to have more sources and more supply of oil from about 70 different countries. This apparently made British Petroleum Company the vast controlling counterpart of the company assets (Corporate Watch, 2009).

Subsequently, in 1973 and 1979, the surge of supply in the market resulted to the decrease in prices (Corporate Watch, 2009). The reduced oil prices failed to produce the revenue necessary to sustain the operations of British Petroleum Company. So, the government has no other option, but, to privatize British Petroleum Company in the 1980’s during the time of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Vickers and Wright, 1989).

To some, this was the result of some Keynesian principle’s influence and political uncertainties
over intensified governmental indebtedness, need for interventions, escalating taxations, inflation, and differences over allotments on alliances. Additionally, privatization was facilitated as limiting guidelines were legitimated to reign on governmental disbursements and most importantly to render the labour market more flexible and elastic with the escalating economic crisis at the helm which was seemingly beyond governmental strategic reparatory measures of the decade (Vickers and Wright, 1989).

Moreover, the monopolistic underpinnings of British Petroleum Company being government owned, poised only risk to the company in terms of inability to cope with technological upgrading considering that inputs come from taxes which may never bring-in return in revenues, plus the cost which was predictably draining, lesser corporate business strategies on business operations, and the lack of feasible and viable structural organization to fit into the globalization trend. Consequently, prior to becoming a lavish political loss in terms of trust from the people and extreme company losses due to indebtedness, and for the company to achieve economics of scale, the company was marketed as a resolute scheme of the British government (Vickers and Wright, 1989).

In 1989, Heald supposed that the privatization of British Petroleum Company was within the concept of making public enterprises private, loosening state control over marketplace access in anticipation to the development of competitive edge driving efficiency and greater market share with corresponding trades, open investment opportunities, and increase the probabilities of employment with heightened, modernized, and restructured organization (Heald, 1989).

In 1992 the company failed again to produce the revenue necessary to sustain operations, which resulted to rationalizations. Subsequently, the British Petroleum Company chief executive manager in collaboration with the managers of the other company departments under the leadership of Lord Simon of Highbury, Peter Sutherland, and John Brown created a marketing strategy which brought back peak level earnings in 1996. This again prompted the company to go into expansions through mergers with the United States of America Oil Company. The resulting company named Amoco was realized in 1998 with 55% percent ownership by the British Petroleum Company. In the succeeding period that was in 1999 the British Petroleum Company purchased the 50% ownership rights of Enron over Solarex. This resulted to the emergence of British Petroleum Solarex, providing solar energy. As well, the company manufactures its own solar cells and markets the same worldwide, with the United States of America, Spain, Australia and India as its production venues for solar cells. Considering the large scale production from the 5 subsidiaries, the company British Petroleum Solarex captured 20% share of the global market.

Finally, in the recent past, apparently under the leadership of the chief executive officer John Brown, the British Petroleum which turned into British Petroleum plc continued to make joint ventures on of which is with Burmah-Castrol, producing and marketing lubricants, and ARCO producing and marketing petrol in the United States of America Corporate Watch, 2009).

The British Petroleum Plc corporate structure as a private company of the 21st century is akin to contemporary commercial organizations with some modifications primarily in terms of having managers and chief executive officers that are not completely under the influence of the stakeholders or owners when it comes to managerial decisions. Second, under the private company category of common practices, the stakeholders’ or owners’ liabilities are restricted. For example, in the event that the corporation runs across a period of losses in revenues such that it can not allocate anything for liabilities, the stakeholders’ or owners’ of British Petroleum Plc does not have to pick into their personal purse to get some amount they could chip-in to augment the need. The stakeholders’ or owners’ to a certain extent are protected. However, losses may be in terms of a portion of the worth of their company share as part owners. Clearly, this strategy minimizes the risk on stakeholders’ or owners’ company share, minimizes the risk of stakeholders’ or owners’ interest on other companies, minimizes the risk of stakeholders’ or owners’ personal assets which are not invested, and subsequently opens more avenues for investments considering the orderly manner of revenue driven blueprint (Taylor, 1995).
However, the British Petroleum Plc as a corporate entity regularly shells out corporate tax based on the profit earnings and based on the predetermined equitable taxation margin (Taylor, 1995) imposed by the British government per £. So, profits before dividends are tax. The corporate entity distributes dividends to stakeholders’ or owners’ based on the number of shares held and based on the profits earned (Taylor, 1995). But, at some points, parts of the profits are retained (Taylor, 1995) by the company like British Petroleum Plc, as an organization to cover developmental projects, to add to the company capitalization, or to be used for acquisitions of companies which can be turned into productive subsidiaries (Taylor, 1995).

In cases where the stakeholders’ or owners’ pay also their personal income taxes, this would be based on their corporate share earnings (Taylor, 1995). The tax would be as predetermined equitable taxation margin (Taylor, 1995) imposed by the British government per £. This means that profits of the British Petroleum Plc as a corporation are tax twice. First when the corporation paid income taxes, and second when the stakeholders paid income taxes. In other words, without having to input any contributions for capitalization, the government benefits more from British Petroleum Plc in addition to avoidance of labour related complications.

Corporate ownership of British Petroleum Plc lies on the hands of stakeholders. These are the people who bought stocks as shareholdings to the company. The stocks as shareholdings are legitimate certificate of part possession. Consequentially, legitimate shareholders choose by ballot the set of the members of the board of directors. These are their trusted personalities whose primary role is to see to the appropriate management of their investments in the corporation such that it will bring them back commendable revenues. There may be instances when the shareholders would opt to sell their shares of stock in the exchange market when the board deems the investment to be profitable.

Nonetheless, despite passing away of the original shareholders of British Petroleum Plc or their subsequent successors, British Petroleum Plc as a corporation would continue to exist. This is because many of the daily decisions such as hiring, firing of employees and purchase of new equipment are made by the chief executive officer in collaboration with the different managers of the different corporate departments (Taylor, 1995). So, the British Petroleum Plc may exist on as long as it makes profit, as the organization is revenue driven. As a result the British government can continuously collect taxes from the company as well as the stakeholders.

Conversely, British Petroleum Plc corporate governance which is decisions relative to mergers, alliances, acquisitions, pursues the usual practice of collaborative efforts of managers and stakeholders. This is because these are relatively enormous decisions that are quite complicated in nature considering configurations of probable risk and revenues plus capitalizations. Meanwhile, the members of the board of directors approve and endorse or disapprove and reject plans of chief executive officers and managers for growth and development or scale down for rationalization (Taylor, 1995). Nonetheless, Levine in 2002 indicated that in the United Kingdom, “governance begins and ends with the board of directors”. In as much as the British Petroleum Plc is based in the United Kingdom, then the probability that the principle is adopted by the corporation is favourably high. Besides, the United Kingdom Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales were the ones who created the parameter (Levine, 2002).

However, the foundations of a corporation or how it originated grounds more its corporate governance style. In addition, the continued business operations of a company marked the control design which could clearly manifest interfering policies which may be those of the state, apparently ensuring satisfactory performance of corporate issues as per statutory standards. Nonetheless, experts in the field see three different theories under which a corporation exist underpinning exercise of a particular governance strategy. These are the contractual theory, communitaire theory, and the concession theory (Dine, 2000). A deeper analysis of the concession theory most likely reveals the practice of British Petroleum Plc governance strategy.

In concession theory, the associates consider the company acquired as a new organization which is totally different from when it was first organized. And so, the associates manifest that their linkage plus the handiness of corporate concepts brought about an entirely novel company with the current owners field of concentration. The concept embraces the culture of separation of ideas between the old organization and the new corporation. The old organization is thus gone, and the new corporation is that which is in existence (Dine, 2000).

However, in reality, the new corporation is in some way controlled by the original owners. Although, the original owners does not have any direct hand over elections of the members of the board of directors, nor of the appointments of chief executive officer and the managers, not even on the hiring, firing of employees, or expansions and purchase of corporate equipments. Clearly, the previous owners upon sale gave up also its rights to influence the new corporate structure (Dine, 2000). Hence, the British Petroleum Plc’s corporate fate went through the same route to achieve what it is today.

Before privatization, British Petroleum Plc was chiefly owned by the government of the United Kingdom. In the 80’s it was privatized under the influence of the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Vickers and Wright, 1989). But, because it was originally founded and grounded on British culture, and persist major existence within the same region, then, the corporation is still subject to the British by-laws. For example, British Petroleum Plc pays corporate income tax to the United Kingdom government. The private shareholders or owners who live in the United Kingdom also pay their income taxes from dividends to the United Kingdom government. All its corporate employees that derive income from the company and dwells in the country do the same. Besides the taxes that the corporation contributes to the British coffers, the labour market that the corporation created with its continued existence ensures employment of manpower for its business operations.

In addition, the corporation also transacts business with fellow countrymen as creditors of banking institutions who are capable of financial lending for funding projects, or for capitalization, saving corporate income in banks, conveyance of finances to companies where the British Petroleum Plc have obligations to pay through banks, conveyance of dividends to shareholders through banks, and income tax payments through banks (Dine, 2000). As a supplier company, the British Petroleum Plc has evolved a line of products not only for its British consumers, but, also for international markets. Certainly the corporation now does not only serve its end, but it likewise makes available many different opportunities to the society at large, and to the global consumer community.

Online, BP plc listed the industrial products the company regularly supply to its patron all around the world. These are petroleum products, chemicals for processing of crude oil into refined forms, gas, and solar cells. Conversely, the company is involved in oil and gas exploration and subsequent production, refining, marketing, manufacturing of chemicals for refining petroleum products, gas and power generation, and manufacture of solar cells (BP plc, 2009).

Looking back, in 1990, the chief executive officer of the British Petroleum Plc Robert Horton initiated a company organizational transformation plan which was eventually implemented through workshops with the objective of changing the manpower culture, vision, values, and behaviours in the midst of a transitioning organization after privatization. This was primarily to enhance exceptional human resources assets, to learn from the old firm and to welcome the new organization with enthusiasm to be productive (White, 1992).

Among the behavioural traits that were the centre of development were those of commitment and transparency. To facilitate the realization and achievement of the program’s goals, experts in the area were employed. This activity was indicative of the new company’s dedication to uplift the old company’s service group led by the president of the Human Resource department, the vice-president of the Human Resource department, assisted by experts in the art of helping people developed the attitude of ease in fitting into the new and modified structure of the company. Additionally, the transformational program headed by the Human Resource Department was in close collaboration with the Corporate Strategy Team. This was to make certain that the participants will be aware and absorb the ideas that the new organization will be directed and focused (White, 1992).

After the training program exceptional candidates for higher corporate positions were further trained to enhance capabilities of handling sensitive corporate task. From another perspective, the program was deemed necessary by the senior management group of the new company to tap human resources from within the corporate organization to man future positions that need to be filled up in case of expansions.

Taken as a whole, the1990 chief executive officer of the British Petroleum Plc Robert Horton supposed “that the key factor in sustaining competitive advantage in the future will be the ability of BP to release the talents of all our employees” (White, 1992). Furthermore, this underpins company movement towards the realization of its vision which is to be the “Most Successful Oil Company in the World” (White, 1992).

The current chief executive officer of British Petroleum Plc – AMOCO, Sir John Browne clearly said that the company strategy is actually their organizational structure, where, “Strategy = Structure = Implementation” (Organizing for Growth, 2001). This fashioned company equation formula obviously manifests the humble acknowledgement that no one can accurately forecast, not even the top-notch corporations in the world, or the most experienced expert in the field. But, as the current practices details, outputs from multifaceted linkages of institutional leaders, supporters, and the business environment, practically create what is in store for the future (Organizing for Growth, 2001).

Sir John Browne clarified that the old maxim where a business institution should work along a corporate strategic plan is no longer applicable in the 21st century. What is apt today is for a corporate entity to have a leader within the principle and structure of teamwork, where manpower is aptly tasked in accordance with the mental, physical, and attitudinal capabilities. The impact of an organization’s structure is relative to the diversified approach driving the market these days. This innovative approach effectively and efficiently links big corporations to small enterprises, making capital available and ensuring availability of diversified supply to meet diversified market and consumer demands (Organizing for Growth, 2001).

Seemingly, the global economy requires the dual functioning of the big and the small businesses. For example, the business of Nokia is on production and marketing of cell phones and accessories. Nokia have established a market name and have captured a market share. But, the company is now bordered by small entrepreneurs in the same business actually influencing production and marketing forms and styles, and even competitive prices. Sometimes, the small entrepreneurs come out with more innovative designs. Nonetheless, Nokia persisted to exist in such a business milieu, broadly accepting competitions as natural events, and taking the same as a challenge to come up with more competitive products. Conversely, the small-time business entrepreneurs saw opportunities in the same market. These were their motivating issues to further expand and find access to entry in the international market. These too indicate the significance of diversity in the 21st century business markets (Organizing for Growth, 2001).

Likewise, to the same degree of significance are the current trends of networks, joint ventures, alliances, mergers, and acquisitions. But, the most prominent, progressive and successful features of contemporary business organizations are the abilities to integrate the many and varied small business enterprises into a corporate business creating the assortment of goods and services aimed at supplying even the most trivial demands, making business marketing efficient (Organizing for Growth, 2001).

The organizational constitution of British Petroleum Plc is its current corporate governance structure headed by an open minded leader who team works with highly trained and apt management and staffs, and does not stop at monopolistic activities, but encourages joint ventures among the big and small enterprises, thus coming out with assortment of supplies to ensure an efficient global market.

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People most often tell their friends about something that is meant to be a secret. This is not really a good practice because it is tantamount to a gossip. But, sometimes I too have the tendencies to be gossipy. This is because, I felt like bursting if I do not get it out of me. And my friends also always looks very eager to listen every time I have a unique issue at hand. In other words, I do not have to go and pay a psychiatrist to listen to my murmurings. For example, I have written about 40 different academic papers for 40 different clients. The clients told me that they have paid my boss for the job. Some of them even gave me a copy of their official reciept for payments. But, my boss seemed to have decided to hoard and pocket my salary. I will now share with you all those papers, and maybe you can click the follow button here, subscribe, and give me a comment on the individual papers. Chances are high, that gossip as it may be called by many would in some way benefit you and me.

I will be back in few minutes with the list and a copy, one posting at a time.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Looking back at my elementary school years, I could remember my enthusiasm on playing ball games in addition to participations on stage presentations. I thought then, games were only for children. But, when I was on the secondary level, all the more my enthusiasm got intensified.
In college, I was supposed to mellow down considering that the Jesuits were strict with academic achievements. But, similar to my classmates we participated interestingly in most games like basketball, volleyball, and softball. After graduation, we simply were immersed with our individual life and careers.
Twenty five years later, the University alumni association got us all back together in one venue to refresh memories. Again, we spent two days just to play ball games. It was one grand celebration because 99% of the graduates in my class are practicing medical physicians with various specializations, and more than half of the class is practicing outside the country.
I have read the book of Reginald Lewis, an African-American Lawyer, married to a Filipina. He was the first guy to be accepted at Harvard University Law School, and the first to donate 3 million US$ for the Reginald Lewis Center. He was also one of the few who became a billionaire at a young age. What was interesting about him was his passion on football which bolted him to his famous achievements. Obviously, playing games is not merely a physical fitness thing; it is more of an opportunity to internalize the value of rules.


Architecture is the art of designing just about anything one can imagine to construct. It can be a building or a structure that one desires. Some designs would really mesmerize viewers with the complexity of patterns similar to those which were used for the construction of Islamic Mosque. The Hagia Sophia in Turkey is one great illustration. But, these was designed and erected by the Byzantines as a tomb. Vaults were built right under the dome. Nonetheless, the prominent domes were apparently copied for the construction of all subsequent Mosques, similar to the Sulemaniye Mosque in the portrait featured, but, without the vaults under the dome.


At the height of the H1N1 controversy, I was actually writing a research paper on the antimicrobial activity of plant extracts. But, because I also love to dig public places like malls, I was a little bit concerned about catching the formidable virus. Instinctively, I went on the web and read more about the recent species. By chance, I read an article citing the source of Tamiflu. Immediately, I went to the small store nearby and bought the spice. I made a tea out of it and took the concoction three to four times a day, for a week. Two weeks later, I had the chance to dig my favorite mall with more confidence. I think my experiment worked.


It is Sunday and the children in the neighborhood are very noisy and engaged in what most people today call family bonding. So, after ‘saum’ or fast at the end of the day, and eating some ripe dates and a piece of banana for ‘iftar’ or break the fast, I immediately switched on my desktop and see what are in and up for the early evening. I told my young friends over the net that the people around are very noisy while I was fasting. But, they said, ma’am it is bonding day and it is really in and up. I was really kind of shy and said ok, whatever! But, I also said why not? So, I navigated and saw Donna Scott sent me a message over the Gmail for this outstanding link which you can also check for yourself and bond.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


My friend in Cebu was a casual government employee. The thought of how she could augment their family income was always in her mind considering that she has two school children. One weekend she was clearing a neighboring vacant lot just to cut down the weeds. A lady came by and asked if she will sell some of the leaves of the Moringa in her backyard. Without second thoughts she said yes. But, the lady answered you have to deliver it in my place in the market early Monday morning. So, she harvested worth 50 pesos for her delivery right before she went to the office. The supply became regular until such time that she was able to purchase the vacant lot and planted more Moringa.


In my 1 pm Genetics class, most of my students were sleepy. They were doing their experiment on Mendel’s Law of Inheritance. Perhaps, I thought it was because of the temperature. They were supposed to be excited to discover the results of their Drossophila melanogaster culture. I thought, I really have to do something to keep them up. So, to break the monotony and awaken their senses, I wrote on the board the question for them to answer in 5 minutes. Question: “Who were the first to know that king Solomon was dead?” Five minutes went by with the room buzzing, but nobody got the correct answer. I ask again, what are those things crawling on your culture bottles? In chorus they answered, giggling, maggots!


One of my friends who live within the city had a very huge problem with her finances. That was how she got back online with my e-mail address. LOL. She told me about how difficult life was coming on to her doorsteps each day. I said wow, I can not believe you. But, if I had an abode as big as your house, I will not have so much trouble with my financial flow. She asked, why, what can I do? I said, divide your house into smaller rooms and rent it out to students. Today, she is enjoying the earnings of about ten small but, quite elegant rooms. Additionally, she had helped the government with its housing problems in the city.


One of my students, a family woman came crying because her husband was very sick. She said, she is very confused and does not know what to do. The doctors told her that her husband needs immediate major chest operation. She does not have any savings, and does not know if anyone can loan or lend her some amount to cover the expenses. I simply ask her if her husband paid the monthly premiums of her Philhealth amounting to 1 hundred pesos per month for a year. She said yes, I am sure he did. So, I told her, go and check what he can avail from that government insurance and pray. The following morning she sent me a text message saying: Ma’am thanks to you very much! My husband was successfully operated and the insurance paid the seventy five thousand for the surgery.


The C rated term paper of Fred Smith in 1973 motivated him to pursue his entrepreneurial dream business. This was the less than 48 hours delivery of letters and packages all around North America. Eventually Fred Smith named his multi-billion trade as Federal Express. Recently, a 10 year old girl launched her own idea of entrepreneurship without writing any term papers for the purpose. Unfortunately, she was ticketed. Is this the way we encourage young minds to be creative and productive in the midst of having not so much material goods in life and attempting to do a little role in society? Sometimes, it is more difficult to teach matured people the ways to inspire young minds.


Yahoo news featured lately Fox Business news on the magnitude of bailouts that the government gave away to giant companies with exorbitantly paid CEOs’. Certainly, ordinary citizens and students of economics have been wondering if indeed this is the redistribution of wealth that economic concepts, experts in economics, and members of congress have advocated. If this is correct, then why are there so many obstacles in passing the Healthcare bill supported by the US president which would in some way be akin to bailout, but this time to the needy sectors of the society? Why does not senators push for its passage?

Friday, August 21, 2009


At the end of the day, during the month of Ramadhan, Muslims break their fast. Often, some of the tropical fruits are considered as healthy food that could be eaten without the dangers of going beyond the limits. But, fruits that are usually bought from the markets should be thoroughly washed and halal, like any other foodstuffs. Pineapple is one of the best sources of natural vitamins and minerals that could readily reinvigorate one who has not eaten anything for about 12-13 hours. Extra care must likewise be taken in the preparation of the fruit as it easily gathers fruit flies and microorganisms that may cause spoilage.


Anything that is caused to move in a direction brought about by gravitational acceleration and air resistance and record an initial velocity is a projectile. The direction taken by this projectile is known as trajectory. So, the acceleration of a projectile motion in a rectangular coordinate is represented by a sub x = 0 and a sub y = -g, where x represents the horizontal axis in a short range trajectory. Direction of movement along the axis is not brought about by gravitational acceleration. Movement is not pro or against gravitational pull. On the other hand, a sub y on the vertical axis or the y axis has acceleration because of the gravitational pull. Therefore, a sub y is equal to a value, minus gravitational pull.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The mark of a leader is irrefutable honesty and influence. A leader is the essential pair of management. That is why, only a brilliant leader can be a high-quality manager. An inefficient leader brings about incompetent and unproductive manager. These kinds should never be found in a competitive business market. Ineffectiveness breeds its own kind. Precisely, in the 21st century business market setting, these kinds are better dispensed with quickly. The following leadership traits are usually underscored in the choice of leaders: indisputable in the chain of command, excellent work ethic, outstanding sense of diversity, outstanding communication skills, and terrific personality. Additionally, leaders have a sense of direction and are capable of progressively creating zealous followers.


Performance of employees is crucial for a business organization output. Consequentially, performance should not be influenced by characters, situations, and work practices as supposed by Sonnentag in 2002 in his edition of the book Psychological Management of Individual Performance: A Handbook in the Psychology of Management in Organizations. New York: Wiley. In cases where a business organization intends to grow and develop, essentially, the location of modifications has to be firmly established with corresponding weaknesses identified. Then, a clear-cut guideline of the phases of progression of changes must be clarified to the employees prior to implementation. Thus, cyclic modifications in the critical strategies and mechanisms of recruitment and leadership have to be done if high-end company output is the target of exceptional performance and change


Tentatively, Ramadhan, the month-long fasting is to start on August 22, 2009, Insha Allah with the sighting of the new moon. Every Muslim whose religion is Islam is excited and is looking forward to the occasion. With all humility, I should say Shukran to Allah, in case I will be allowed to fast for the whole month without interference. Once more, I will be able to enjoy a month filled with experiences of fasting, prayer, making dua and etc knowing that all the gates of heaven are open, and all the gates of hell are closed. Ramadhan Mubarak to every believer!


What shall Nadya Denise Doud Suleman Gutierrez tell her children and our little children? Katherine O’Donovan in 1990, "6 'What Shall We Tell the Children?’ Reflections on Children's Perspectives and the Reproduction Revolution", In Birthrights: Law and Ethics at the Beginnings of Life, ed. Lee, Robert and Derek Morgan: 96-114. London: Routledge said that in debates, in the 19th century, concerning the technology of conception through artificial insemination, minor thoughts were given to the point of view of the children, born out of the craze. Practically, up to this century, there has been no clear-cut verbal communication approaches developed to explain to the inquisitive and growing up children that an egg or sperms which were donated by anonymous people are its genetic heritage. How will the children feel and respond to the truth?


I am really grateful to my visitors who took time to read my post. Let me further interest you tomorrow when I will post here some of the papers I have written, which may serve as your concrete sample that may hopefully guide you in writing your own. These are actually academic papers that satisfy academic requirements for essays, research papers similar to term papers, case studies, thesis and dissertations. In reality, when you intend to write a research paper, remember or be familiar with the scientific method. This includes, observations and readings from various sources, although you have to start from what you have in mind. Consequently, you proceed to identification of the big problem and breaking it down to sub-problems. Then, you may create some guess answers as your hypothesis. Next, you have to formulate the methodology on the resolution of your problem. State the approaches you will take to attempt resolving the problem. The next big work is to perform the exploration. Subsequently, you must write on your journal all your findings so you can interpret the same and give you conclusions before recommendations.


Approaching an issue from different perspectives is the usual content of a journalist’s note which every writer may emulate. Subsequently, ideas are expanded along concepts to give more details to an issue. For example, Who is in love?: teen-agers going off to high school, teen-agers going to college, graduating students in college going out to find work, singles living in solitary homes, divorcee, widow, and etc. What does loving entail?: keeping an amiable look, sacrifice a whim, dealing with loneliness, understanding downsides, getting along, etc. When do people come across problems while loving? : When they are used to be appreciated with their looks, when a whim is overwhelming, when the feeling of loneliness is intense, etc. Why do people fall in love? : Innate, want, desire, need, etc. Where do people look for love? : Family, friends, cities, countryside’s, schools, etc. How do people deal with falling out of love? : They focus on their studies, focus on work, socialize, etc.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The irony of learning how to write many words for an issue often leads one to become ‘wordy’ in real life situations. However, some working conditions require succinct statements. It is well to remember one big company that posted for job vacancies and required applicants to submit a well-written resume in addition to an on the spot interview by the owner. In consistence, the applicants prepared well for an oratorical piece that may be delivered in case one of the common interview questions arises. The interview day came, and with the applicants in full attention, the owner projected on a large screen a financial statement and a balance sheet. Then the owner said, in just a ‘single word’ succinctly portray what you have just seen on the screen, and in a single word give a solution to the issue. Those who can are hired.


Four common elements should make up your writing condition. These are: issue, purpose, readers, and other requirements which will guide you and delimit you to the issue at hand. Therefore, the issue must be narrowed down. For example , if your subject is love, your writing condition is senior marriage guidance students, informative purpose, Professor as your reader, 1000 words in 2 days, then your possible topics could be love at first sight. With these elements clearly outlined, you may proceed to brainstorming and certainly keeping everything in an organized journal for easy reference. In brainstorming, you may start answering the questions who, what, when, why, where, and how. Then you can proceed to clustering or mapping your brainstormed ideas. You may also read Simon & Schuster in their Handbook for Writers by Lynn Quitman Troyka, 1990, US: Prentice-Hall pages 17-30.


Planning and shaping your essay comes after the first step which I have explained on my 1st blog here. So, this is actually the second step. Planning consists of several parts. First, in planning, there is a need to collect ideas on a subject/topic of writing. Second, in shaping then means arranging these ideas in a logical order. Third, draft your essay by writing simple sentences from out of the ideas you have collected about your topic. Fourth, revise your draft after finding out that there is a need to cut and replace or move some word or words, or sentences. Fifth, edit your revised draft by checking on the grammar, spelling, and punctuation marks. Finally, proofread your essay for typing errors and the ease with which it can be read and understood according to Simon & Schuster in their Handbook for Writers by Lynn Quitman Troyka, 1990, US: Prentice-Hall pages 14-16.


As I visited sites, especially those that feature job vacancies, I noticed 1 common need, for many people around the globe. These were needs for English tutors. More and more people are interested to learn the language for many reasons. One I gather was the interest for migration. Another was for ease in transactions done online concurrent to the globalization trends that most entrepreneurs went into. This is the export and import of goods and services. There are also those who are interested in putting up foreign branches and offices for their franchises. For this reason, I added a feature here where my visitors can easily translate my blog, and for them to better appreciate and in the process learn the English language.


Affordable housing in the 21st century setting is commonly less than 30 square meters room. This is usually good for two people occupancy or can accommodate a single resident only. Obviously, it is much similar to a room with a roof. In other words, in highly developed societies, one can rarely find an affordable place to live as an owner. What most people do is rent a pad and invest what is saved similar to one New Yorker who works in the stock market. She revealed her preference over owning a house in a big city in the midst of economic turn around, beside the fact that living nearby work place meant lesser stress.


Chances are high that those who took the risk in whatever endeavor they have set their minds on succeeded. Most people however, take sometime to make decisions which often lead to keeping aside what could have been a perfect opportunity. Risk is almost always explained along the principles of events after tossing a coin. Coins have two sides. One side is that of head, and the other is labeled as tail. The probability that the coin will land on a head or a tail after it is tossed is 50%. Although it can not be denied that there are people who are really lucky and smart, seasoned and groomed to transcend all odds.


Almost every aspect in life needs some kind of knowledge of the concepts of management. The closest synonym is running your life. Most people however, look beyond their horizon to learn the meaning of the term. This could be true if you tend to leap to a higher step forward. But, there is nothing wrong if you start right from the self, because with it, you avoid plunging into an unknown environment. Nonetheless, the challenges sometimes are motivating factors. If by then you take the risk, just see what you have got at home for yourself. After that, do some research, read, there are a lot of resources in libraries and online. Do not hesitate also to share because you might pick-up something vital and instrumental concepts to your movement towards a current aspiration. Higher level Management after all, is often, a decision and an extrapolation.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Recycling on earth is one of the many natural phenomena that must be allowed to proceed without so much interference to allow sustainability of current and subsequent generations of living systems. However, many practices have emerged to be non-supportive of the maintenance of the ecosystem. Most people are now proponents of cremation. Some schools of thoughts are caught up in the principle held by some sectors of the world’s population. They seemed to overlook the truth that one of the best sources of soil nourishment is from the human body. Although ashes are Carbon, the other vital elements could not be supplied by carbon alone. So, many would really wonder especially the young minds, how would sustainability be without recycling a major consumer of nature?

Monday, August 17, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I found some opportunities to share my ideas of sleep to some children in my neighborhood. After telling them some other stories, I told them to go home, eat, wash, change their clothes pray and go to bed early. One inquisitive boy asked me, teacher, why do we have to sleep? So, I explained. See, there is the sun to light all our works in the daytime including eating to nourish our body. At night, when the sun is gone, our body must rest. We have to sleep and nourish our soul. Then the next question came before I could say my goodbyes. Who will nourish our soul when we are already asleep? I said in my belief, during sleep, God will take the soul. Sleep is like death. But, when we wake up in the morning then we are given back our soul and we will be again filled with vigor to work and play.


A ladder is a common feature found in most homes. But, I wonder if parents take time to explain to their young children the metaphor to education. Apparently, everyone in the family is just engrossed with sending off children to school. However, it would be worthwhile to take some time to discuss the symbolism to young minds. In instances when the steps are weak, that would only mean going back to the next lower level. Ascent can only be looked forward to when the steps are built with strong materials. When done ever so often, young people would be inclined to cultivate in themselves the principle of achieving higher goals.

Right After Graduation

Right after graduation most do not really know where to go and what to do next. Some are caught up with options at hand influenced by diverse emotions. Seems that after achieving the goal of a diploma for a degree, graduates lose sight of the idea that there is now the next task, setting up the next higher level goal. This is to gain experience and hone oneself for proficiency in the chosen career. There are those who opt to move sideways. That is take another route in the hope of better achievements. However, it must be remembered that mastery of one's craft comes only with on the job experience. So, moving up the ladder of success in a profession would necessarily mean solidifying your steps as you ascend. Chances are high, that going to work right after graduation will boost your career.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I co-authored a lecture notes book on zoology for nursing and healthcare students. The lecture notes was simple as it was designed to facilitate the learning process of the concepts relative to basic chemistry of living cells, tissues, organs, systems, and organism. The lecture notes were coupled to the laboratory manual which I also co-authored and with similar organization of the presentation of lessons for learning the concepts. Understanding these concepts are a must to healthcare students because with it they will appreciate better what goes on an organism’s body especially humans and what may go wrong later. Nonetheless, the recent changes in the curriculum which trimmed down the course to 3 units of biology apparently offer the students insufficient hands-on knowledge making them less competitive graduates.


My Muslim brothers and sisters who went to school to study nursing never forgot to do their prayers. Through the kindness of our dear school president Jose Paulo Campos, the students were given a nice place for prayer and community sharing during their break time from classes. Their efforts bore fruits as most of them successfully graduated and passed the nursing board examination. This is just one sign, that with Allah, nothing is impossible. Recently, I got calls from the same students thanking me for those good old days’ opportunities. But, I told them that praises and thanks are only due to the one true Allah. I am just one of Allah’s medium for their success. Muslims and their nursing studies coupled with unwavering faith was their sure way to success. Congratulations!!!


Nurses have pets. Many people do not know this. In fact their darling is the frog. From first year in college, at the onset of their study in zoology nursing students search over gardens for a pet they could care for. But, Alas! They must understand their pets inside out! So, they have no choice! To get to know better their pets, they get a sharp probe, scalpels, forceps, and dissecting pans. Initially, they probe through the brain and render their pets asleep forever. Then, they cut open ventro-horizontal and pull the flesh sidewise from the center to see the beating heart, the circulation of the blood and the breathing lungs. WoW! Spectacular!


Food shortage is relative to individual perspective. Some people said that the world today, the 21st century is in short supply of this very basic item for human nourishment. But, most tabloids, academic papers, and academic researches are geared towards the problem of overweight, which are mostly due to over-eating. Apparently, where the economy is overflowing with markets and traders, there seems to be one certain craze that is becoming obvious. Because of competition, the ‘other side of the coin’ simply prevails over time for profit. Nonetheless, the idea that there are really areas where food productivity is low must be enhanced with better tools, practical concepts, and goals for farming. One ideal country which may be studied is Tunis and how the citizens produce and supply food for their consumption and their markets. Chances are high that food shortage is only relative to the individual point of view.