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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Low Back Pain, Limbs Weakness, and Poor Diet

For the past 4 years, I have been into what most people call low back pains and weakness of the limbs. At my age, I thought it was all about genetic inheritance. So, I took time looking after excellent preparations of herbal supplements in addition to low fat diet. But, my pains persisted and I really thought something more is going wrong.

Lately, or some 4 months back, I transfered residence. So, I got to be a bit strict with my budget to make both ends meet while living in a higher cost area. I can not sacrifice though my allocations for the basics. I just considered cutting down some edges for the kitchen without necessary losing sight of the proper diet which I have prefered. For so many years, I have sort of shied away from red meat considering the many health issues that came out about its consumption over and above the cost without really thinking of what I have been depriving my body.

Fortunately, two months back, I met some new acquaintances from the new neighborhood. One of them told me that nearby a store is selling fresh cuts of Halal beef. I enquired and check if it would be cost-efficient. HURRAH! So much was my glee that besides having cut some cost, I relish consuming almost half a kilo per week. Of course, I usually prefer it cooked as well-done steak with fruit juice, rice, and mango on the side. With this kind of diet, I have noticed I gradually have gone over those pains and weaknesses. I told my friend 'Imagine a cow'?
Have you seen one complaining of pains?