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Sunday, December 27, 2009


There are many things that one can do to welcome prosperity and welfare for 2010. Some of these are the following: 1) clean your house; 2) clean your surroundings; 3)wash yourself, then, calmly and softly pray for year-round blessings; 4) avoid burning anything that would result to crackling sounds; 5) avoid noise; 6) stay away from crowds; 7) get a perfect, restful sleep; and 8) wake-up to a new morning of grand opportunities as you pray before you start doing anything.

Somehow some people would venture to ask, why not do what most are doing like making noises and joining noisy crowds? But, if one is keen to observe year-round the very same people, they all struggle through life because they seemed to have overlooked the essence of the occassion. So, do not miss the chance to do it right.

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  1. Es extraordinariamente sencillo Como se puede Obtener la armonía en tu vida para ser feliz, desechando todo aquello que nos altere o Irrite. Conservar la armonía y paz interior, nuestro Alrededor, si pretendes dar, da lo mejor de ti como buenos deseos y afecto