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Thursday, October 29, 2009


In the previous post, I have indicated my interest to go into orchids embryo culture again. This is my way of propagating the selected orchids to produce seedlings for cut-flowers. So my first consideration was to choose the right stud plants. I got these varieties which produce long-stem dendrobium blooms that could bear as many as four sturdy flower spikes. Therefore, when matured three individually potted dendrobiums can bear a dozen of flower spikes. The petals are thick and could last for a month on a flower vase. As soon as the flowers are matured, that will be when they emit a delicate scent and the stigma produces a sticky white substance, then, I will pollinate them to produce fruits or pods.
The timing for picking-up of pods varies with species. For these particular varieties which I have chosen, fruits will take only a couple of months when the embryos are ready for sowing. So, I still have time to gather the materials I need for my sowing medium, and to prepare a small space where I could work at it in a sterile condition.

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