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Monday, October 12, 2009


The centuries that saw intensified grass farming with the interest of intensified farm products supply for the intensified population in the market saw options that were ill thought of. Funny, but, true, that indeed most people who thought they were wise leaders landed most of the global population into mire if not submerged under water. In the first place, grass farming have become a trend among them all. Most if not all countries that suffered the most in terms of flooding are those that extensively cultivate grasses like rice, corn, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, and many others.

The roots of grasses are up to half a meter deep in the soil. This is why most swamps thrive in grasslands. Nonetheless, one of the most helpfull grass that best thrives near bodies of fresh water are the bamboos. Bamboos have been found to prevent some soil erosion when planted along river banks. Trees however, are the superior soil containers. Besides its lenghty roots that holds on to meters deep of top soil, trees too consumes and holds in its system plenty of water. Coconut trees which was a major crop in the Philippines up until the 60's exempted the country from major flooding regardless of the intensity of typhoons. Perhaps, grass crops farming logic should be minimized if flooding should be avoided.

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