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Friday, October 2, 2009


The thought of samba, Latin America, tropics, beaches, dances, and softer climate, more amiable atmosphere for sports and socialization ambience, that is Rio de Janeiro. The country got the chance to host one of the biggest globbal event in 2016. The news is indeed refreshing after all the series of stiffening years in the North. I could only imagine the tune of Latin american hum drums driving people into graceful, uninterrupted swaying motions, away from the daily rigors of concern about precision and security. Everyone should be glad of the prospects of a shift to a softer and calmer arena of sports where enthusiasts could just simply glide in and enjoy.

The idea may not really be appreciated by others at the outset considering some other plans. However, chances are high that the benefits will be greater as envisioned by the majority who opted for the idea of a tropical sports competition setting.

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