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Thursday, September 24, 2009


I decided to write this post because I can not get a clear-cut answer to my problem with my Adsense. I have signed-up for monetization. The page appeared in my post. But, there are no statistical data. I did not get any return mail confirming my registration. So I checked back and attempted to sign-up again. But, for more than 30 times of signing-up nothing turned out except that I was always prompted to encode the ‘catcha’.

In the feedburner, there is a box that says claim your data. Every time I click on it, I was always referred back to log-in. I log-in, and all the same another window appears for log-in.

And why I said no clear-cut answers? A window opens and almost all the content are branched!

I uploaded my post and all I got was a referral ad to 8 electric engineers! hahahahaha! Can we not have an expert for adsence to get it straight here?

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