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Saturday, September 12, 2009


When you have done the following steps: a) decided on a subject; b) narrowed a topic; c) brainstormed about the topic; d) mapped the brainstormed word, words, term, terms; and e)written an essay about the topic, now, you are ready to draft an outline of your research proposal:
1. Write the title of you research clearly. It is usually reflective of you main research problem or issue. For example, 'HOW TO LIVE ALONE'. Another example would be 'MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS IN THE 21st CENTURY: BANKS.
Then, identify at least three sub-problems:
a) What is the essence of living alone?
b) Who are interested in living alone?
c) How will you live alone?
2. Write a concise background of your problem. How did the issue came about?What have been written about it? Who wrote them? When? Is is worth investigating the same?
3. Write your theories, your hypotheses, your gusses answer to your own problem.
4. How would you go about solving your problem/issue? Write a brief methodology. Actually, this may evolve as you progress with your investigatory research. You may choose a quantitative or a qualitative etc.
5. Write your delimitations.
6. Write a concise review of related literature. You may pick this up from your essay.
Let your work enjoy some periods of gestation. Go back to it later and you may edit or add new ideas you have gathered.

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