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Monday, September 14, 2009


Often, I and my daughter like exceptionally brewed coffee. We would always miss what we are used to have at home in the farm. But, living in the big City, working far from the province did not mean foregoing what we feel we simply need to sip just like were home. So we hang-out here at the nearby starbucks. Everytime I sip a cup of their freshly brewed coffeee, there seems to be just nothing more that I could ask for. It is just superb! Life in the City is made a lot more better with my starbucks brewed coffee.

Everytime I am in the malls, digging whatever is the latest, I would never miss my cups of starbucks coffee. Sometimes, I do sip some cups with my friends too who loves the same brand as I do. For this, I even bought some three of my favorite starbucks mugs.

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