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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


One of the critical stage in essay writing that is most often overlooked by students is brainstorming. When you have decided on a subject and a topic, then proceed to journalizing all the related terms, words, sentence, sentences, that comes to mind. Do not edit. Just write whatever crosses your mind. You could be talking to friends and you have picked a word or words related to your topic. So, with your journal on hand, just jot it down.

When you see that you have enough materials in your journal, then, you can do the mapping of words. Group the words together according to how it answers your journalists' questions: why, how, when, where, and what.

Now, you are ready to draft your essay. Write simple sentences. Do not edit, remove, or move anything yet. Just write down. Set aside your essay for sometime to give also yourself a fresh start later.

When your are ready, read what you have written. This time you may edit your draft. Remove or move word, words, and sentences, such that they are well organized. That is the trend of thought is systematic. Write your topic sentence either at the begining of the first paragraph, as the first sentence. You may also write your topic sentence at the end or the last sentence of the first paragraph.

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