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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In the early 70’s, during my college years, every week we visited this particular islands for the marine biology ecosystem study. There were no single spot in the area with white sand. We collected many samples of marine life for specimen study. Today, almost every beachfront has been turned into a resort for its white sand. Seems that everyone who owns the place, and the visitors who often spends days in the island at unbelievable prices are just mesmerize with the beauty of the white sand that line every nook of the isle. Obviously, people are not aware of the fact that the white sands are the products and confirmation that the coral reefs in the area are destroyed, that the waters in the area can no longer support marine life. These are the results of coral destruction because of extensive modified fishing, and extensive effluents from gold and copper mining industries, extensive effluents from manufacturing industries, extensive use of inorganic fertilizers in large scale farming, and extensive oil effluents from sea vessels. Nonetheless, there are still areas on the eastern part down South, facing the Pacific Ocean that seemed to have been less affected. This could be because the area is open and sea water circulation is more intense.

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