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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


A review is an essay about published information on a topic or an issue. The function of a review is to update an audience or a reader, or readers in relation to the current knowledge concerning the topic or issue. However, sometimes, the intention of a review is to recommend the latest version of the earlier stuff. Whichever explanation is given, it is constantly bottomed on a blend of earlier stuff with the latest version that would result to more comprehensive system of facts. As such, reviews must contain proofs to influence and convince an audience or a reader, or readers that the latest version is compelling.

Consequently, if you are to write a review, you should do the following steps: a) pick a very limited issue currently hot in the market; b) bring into play latest version of persuasive facts from diverse sources; c) perfectly recap and reword the earlier stuff; d) properly indicate the reference material; and e) you may use sub-headings. This is primarily to guide your audience or a reader, or readers in understanding your essay. As well, this also puts some system in your essay as you progress with your ideas.

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