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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


An essay is a written record of the way you think. It is your way of communicating to an audience, the way you are thinking. It is your way of expressing yourself in a literary form. It is inscripting what is in your mind. So that, whatever you are thingking or in the past have in you thoughts, that you have put into words, are sent to a reader. In other words, the content of your essay, is the message that you have written. It is the gists of your writing. But, the presentation of your message is very important. This is for your reader to understand your message. You may choose to write it in the form of a narration, description, exposition or argumentation.

The narration form is actually the easiest to write because all you have to do is tell the story as they took place in the past. It may be in a conversation form between two or more people. Description on the other hand, is an essay where you present a picture of whether a person or a place or an event, etc in your writing. Exposition, is when you write about something to give give information to your reader. Finally, argumentation essay is your critique on an issue or issues.

In most academic essays, the purpose of writing is usually exposition and argumentation. These are meant to inform a reader and to persuade a reader. Hence, your essay may be an informative essay or a persuasive essay.

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