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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


To confirm the existence of a virulent, new-fangled strain of influenza virus in the United States of America, etiological research, an evidence-based medicine according to Jenicek in 2002 should be initiated, which is further proven by The practice begins with surveillance. For effectiveness purposes, the coalition of Public Health Organizations can very well take on the Syndrome Reporting Information System, SYRIS, platform currently utilized by the Department of Health officials in Lubbock, Texas. The information system runs on any internet linked device such as cell phones, iPods, laptops, desk tops, etc. Doctors, health care givers, nurses, and laboratory technicians’ inputs vital findings in less than a minute. Because Syndrome Reporting Information System is entirely in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDCP, protocols on electronic reporting systems, the mapping features create accessibility for an on the spot map update and reply to queries according to Zelicoff , and Bellomo in 2005, also at


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