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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Overweight or underweight has been categorized as a depressive disorder. For this reason, weight gain could be linked to social practices, personal behavioral practices, mental development, inheritance, and neurochemical imbalances within the human body according to Belmaker, R. H. and Galila Agam. “Mechanisms of Disease: Major Depressive Disorder” N EngL J Med 358 (2008): 55, 56. This was shored up by an explanation of a depression identified as the monoamine-deficiency hypothesis. Monoamine metabolites produced low levels of norepinephrine between the internal jugular vein and the brachial artery. Belmaker and Agam revealed that in a study among monozygotic and dizygotic twins 37% showed genetic inheritance as a factor. The disorder is commonly known as anorexia nervosa, and bulimia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is a negative response to food intake, while bulimia nervosa is the exact opposite, or the exceptional appetite to take in food according to Becker, Anne E. et al. “Eating Disorders” N EngL J Med Vol. 340 (1999): 1092.

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