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Monday, August 17, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I found some opportunities to share my ideas of sleep to some children in my neighborhood. After telling them some other stories, I told them to go home, eat, wash, change their clothes pray and go to bed early. One inquisitive boy asked me, teacher, why do we have to sleep? So, I explained. See, there is the sun to light all our works in the daytime including eating to nourish our body. At night, when the sun is gone, our body must rest. We have to sleep and nourish our soul. Then the next question came before I could say my goodbyes. Who will nourish our soul when we are already asleep? I said in my belief, during sleep, God will take the soul. Sleep is like death. But, when we wake up in the morning then we are given back our soul and we will be again filled with vigor to work and play.

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