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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Food shortage is relative to individual perspective. Some people said that the world today, the 21st century is in short supply of this very basic item for human nourishment. But, most tabloids, academic papers, and academic researches are geared towards the problem of overweight, which are mostly due to over-eating. Apparently, where the economy is overflowing with markets and traders, there seems to be one certain craze that is becoming obvious. Because of competition, the ‘other side of the coin’ simply prevails over time for profit. Nonetheless, the idea that there are really areas where food productivity is low must be enhanced with better tools, practical concepts, and goals for farming. One ideal country which may be studied is Tunis and how the citizens produce and supply food for their consumption and their markets. Chances are high that food shortage is only relative to the individual point of view.

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