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Thursday, August 27, 2009


One of the best breakfast cereals that I love to eat and highly satisfied especially before going to school is ‘Muesli’ from kraeuter-kuehne. The preparation is super with fresh milk and fruit tea on the side. This is one very nutritious preparation for my brain power that I needed in school work. It was originally prepared by a Swiss phycian for his cancer patients. However, muesli became popular because of the nutritional value in it. I like the preparation that contains ‘Amaranth pop corns’. These tiny pop corns, with size and color similar to sesame seeds, actually contain higher nutrient value in comparison to all the other grains. It belongs to the grass family, closely related to rice and corn. The Lecithin content is highest in Amaranth. For this reason, I was wondering why there seems to be no large scale production of the grains rather than corns and rice.

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