Education Headline Animator

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Looking back at my elementary school years, I could remember my enthusiasm on playing ball games in addition to participations on stage presentations. I thought then, games were only for children. But, when I was on the secondary level, all the more my enthusiasm got intensified.
In college, I was supposed to mellow down considering that the Jesuits were strict with academic achievements. But, similar to my classmates we participated interestingly in most games like basketball, volleyball, and softball. After graduation, we simply were immersed with our individual life and careers.
Twenty five years later, the University alumni association got us all back together in one venue to refresh memories. Again, we spent two days just to play ball games. It was one grand celebration because 99% of the graduates in my class are practicing medical physicians with various specializations, and more than half of the class is practicing outside the country.
I have read the book of Reginald Lewis, an African-American Lawyer, married to a Filipina. He was the first guy to be accepted at Harvard University Law School, and the first to donate 3 million US$ for the Reginald Lewis Center. He was also one of the few who became a billionaire at a young age. What was interesting about him was his passion on football which bolted him to his famous achievements. Obviously, playing games is not merely a physical fitness thing; it is more of an opportunity to internalize the value of rules.