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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Epidemiology is a well thought-out technique of knowing the link among assorted issues that start the incidence and spread of illness, consequential to what is frequently identified as epidemic. Epidemiology is a lot typified as a modern medical discipline in the 21st century. Perhaps, people are not conscious of the lengthy record that led to the modern category of epidemiology as a discipline in medicine. In the turf of medicine, epidemiology is as aged as Anton van Leeuwenhoek today, 1632-1723, a businessman. Anton van Leeuwenhoek’s discovery of ‘animalcules’ from the white materials he got from his teeth encouraged successive studies and findings on the existence of organisms that cause diseases as well as the spread of the same organisms in nature. Leeuwenhoek manufactured about 500 assorted lenses of varied multiplier capabilities in terms of the dimension of the microorganisms which he studied. With the lenses, he confirmed the existence of microorganisms, that were a lot smaller than what any human eye can see, in some places like pond water, blood, seminal fluid, and diarrheal stools according to Engelkirk and Burton, 2007 at and at

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