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Monday, August 24, 2009


People most often tell their friends about something that is meant to be a secret. This is not really a good practice because it is tantamount to a gossip. But, sometimes I too have the tendencies to be gossipy. This is because, I felt like bursting if I do not get it out of me. And my friends also always looks very eager to listen every time I have a unique issue at hand. In other words, I do not have to go and pay a psychiatrist to listen to my murmurings. For example, I have written about 40 different academic papers for 40 different clients. The clients told me that they have paid my boss for the job. Some of them even gave me a copy of their official reciept for payments. But, my boss seemed to have decided to hoard and pocket my salary. I will now share with you all those papers, and maybe you can click the follow button here, subscribe, and give me a comment on the individual papers. Chances are high, that gossip as it may be called by many would in some way benefit you and me.

I will be back in few minutes with the list and a copy, one posting at a time.

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