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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Approaching an issue from different perspectives is the usual content of a journalist’s note which every writer may emulate. Subsequently, ideas are expanded along concepts to give more details to an issue. For example, Who is in love?: teen-agers going off to high school, teen-agers going to college, graduating students in college going out to find work, singles living in solitary homes, divorcee, widow, and etc. What does loving entail?: keeping an amiable look, sacrifice a whim, dealing with loneliness, understanding downsides, getting along, etc. When do people come across problems while loving? : When they are used to be appreciated with their looks, when a whim is overwhelming, when the feeling of loneliness is intense, etc. Why do people fall in love? : Innate, want, desire, need, etc. Where do people look for love? : Family, friends, cities, countryside’s, schools, etc. How do people deal with falling out of love? : They focus on their studies, focus on work, socialize, etc.

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