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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


QUESTION: Will eating bananas everyday keep the doctor away?
ANSWER: No, bananas are sources of quick energy for the body. Bananas contain large amount of starch and sugar.
Apparently, an average size banana provides 75.3% water, 1.3% protein, 0.6% fat, 22% carbohydrates and 0.8% ash. Ash contains high % of alkaline salts. This could be the contents that those who have diarrhea eat bananas. Approximately ½ kilo of bananas provides 460 calories. According to Douglas Graham of the food value of bananas has been found to be spectacular. Similar to the same amount of potatoes, but, the fat content of bananas has been found to be high. In terms of protein content, bananas have been found to have lower than those in potatoes. In terms of carbohydrates, bananas have higher content than potatoes.

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